What’s the #1 REASON Republicans want their WALL with México? As the % of Texas Latinos grows, so does the probability of Texas turning blue in the next Presidential election.  According to projections, Texas will give its 38 electoral votes to the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2028, creating the greatest political upset for Republicans in our lifetime. It’s the GOP’s BIGGEST secret and WORST nightmare.  A BLUE TIDAL WAVE is coming to Texas, and there’s nothing Republicans can do to stop it. #uspolitics #electoralcollege #latinoamerica #texas #republicanparty

Hey guys! Meet @radarluvharker – he’s a newborn Australian Shepherd from Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. Give Radar’s Instagram a follow, and show him some love. ❤️

While visiting Las Vegas… . I highly recommend a pole dancing lesson with champion pole dancer + @andrewchristianintl underwear model @jonnyboie. Wouldn’t you rather leave Vegas feeling flexible? 😉 . #poledancing #flexibility #fitness #underwear #whathappensinvegas

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Anyone seen BATMAN? Toronto’s city skyline looked more like Gotham City under Sunday’s dense fog. ・・・ #Repost of AMAZING photo by @skycladtrvlr ・・・ #toronto #ontario #canada #🇨🇦 #clouds #fog #skyline #cityintheclouds #cntower #skyscrapers #urban

@rupaulsdragrace #WerqTheWorld tour in Toronto tonight! 💃💃🏽💃🏿 . It was an honor to be backstage with @peppermint247 + the entire cast of queens tonight. 7 performances IN A ROW this week – these girls can WERQ!!!

No trip to New York City is complete without seeing my bestie @zoemurph_ . Friends will come and go throughout your life, but only a few will become your true friends for life. ❤️