Dear Friends in LAS VEGAS: Meet Aleks (@aleksandrdissan), tonight’s featured bachelor.  He’s sweet, he’s handsome, and he’s going to make an amazing partner to a very lucky guy.  Aleks has described below what he looks for in a potential partner.  If this is you, let us know. 😉 “Happiness can only come from within, but I think I know the kinda of person that would make that inner happiness much easier to hold on to… Attractive, intelligent, and a big heart – within a few years of my age and a couple inches of my height, athletic, masculine, but still cute. Someone who is ambitious but still takes time to breathe… a sense of humor, but capable of having a serious conversation when necessary. Someone who can tolerate roughing it, but also enjoys the finer things.” “Hmm and I have a soft spot for Bro Type Guys, Surfer Dudes, Guys with Tattoos, Military Guys, and Southern Country Men! (don’t ask me why lol, I don’t know!!!)” “So this all sounds pretty unlikely, but if you think this is you, say hello! I’m too exhausted to go out looking for love at the moment… so for now I’ll just be doing my best to live my own life.”

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