At #FETISH FRANKIE’S, our #1 priority is satisfying your primitive sexual needs for BATSHIT crazy fetishes and fantasies. From docking to water sports, there’s no fetish too strange or disgusting, from the tippy tip of your foreskin to the bottom of your gynormous feet. BIG Texas Welcome to the Horngry Closeted Bromos surfing Grindr in Chelsea tonight! You’ll snap your jock straps in excitement when you bite into our tender chicken nuggets, perfect for dipping, with pineapple, upside-down Jake for dessert. Special SHOUT-out also to the Hen Flock of Power Bottoms in Hell’s Kitchen! We know what you like, so listen when we tell you what to do. You’ll have a Tossed Salad or Sausage Dip to start, with intercourse humiliation and an enema to follow. Prepare yourself for Grade ‘A’ Texan, Biff. Mark our words, boys – you’re going to leave tonight feeling stuffed! Please CUM Again! ❤️

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